We need to talk about Deliveroo!

You may know that you can get Tampopo and East Street dishes delivered directly to your door via Deliveroo. What you may not know, is that we have launched three new brands on the delivery service, too. Oh, and there’s 30% off for new customers when you place your first order!

Introducing our 4 new Deliveroo exclusives…

Asian Fried Chicken by Tampopo
Chicken, done in all manners of Asian styles. The Asian Fried Chicken menu is perfect for sharing or for flying solo. Try something outside the box with our Katsu Burrito, Asian BBQ Burger or Seven Spiced Chicken Thigh. If it’s a sharing affair, the Combo Meals and Platters are firm favourites for flavour and will be sure to satisfy a bigger crowd of chicken lovers. Check out the menu and get 30% off for new customers when you place your first order!

Tampopo on Deliveroo

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East Asian Curry Heaven by Tampopo
Tasty curries inspired by a range of Asian recipes. The East Asian Curry Heaven menu is packed full of flavours from Thailand, Malaysia and Japan. Any Tampopo connoisseur will recognise some of these restaurant favourites. Explore the East with a hot hearty Laksa, Curry Chiang Mai Style or a Rendang that’s dang good. That said, you can’t go wrong with a classic Katsu! Take a look at the menu, if you’re a new customer you’ll get 30% off your first order!

Tampopo on Deliveroo

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Soi Vegan by Tampopo
Delicious East Asian dishes, all meat and dairy free. Soi Vegan is definitely one for the Vegan fans of Tampopo. From Tofu and Spring Roll starters to Jackfruit Rendang and Sweet Potato Katsu mains, to name a few, each option is bursting with flavour. Check out the menu, new customers will get 30% off the first order that’s made!

Tampopo on Deliveroo

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East Street by Tampopo

A menu that’s made up of the best pan-Asian street food and signature dishes from across East Asia, with a fantastic variety of flavours and textures that we’ve found in the various cuisines of the countries that we visited and fell in love with. Your Tampopo favourites, done fast. Click through below to view the menu, there is 30% off for new customers when you place your first order!

Tampopo on Deliveroo

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Deliveroo FAQs

Your FAQ’s about Deliveroo, all answered by Tampopo’s Co-Founder, David Fox.

  1. Where do we deliver to?

Areas we deliver to from our restaurants include:

  • Mcr City Centre
  • Trafford Centre (Eccles, Urmston)

We also deliver from our “Editions” Kitchens to

  • Salford
  • Trafford
  • Media City
  • Hulme
  • Stretford
  • Chorlton (only down to Barlow Moor Road – don’t ask)


  1. How do you find out if we deliver to you?
    Simply download the Deliveroo App and search restaurants from your location. If we do appear on the App then we do deliver. If we do not appear we do not deliver.
    (Please see further down for a note about what names we trade under on Deliveroo)


  1. Is the whole menu on Deliveroo
    No it is not.  This is because the clever people at Deliveroo say that if our menu is too long this will result in lower orders as people cannot be bothered to order. We have removed the lowest selling dishes – which is mainly the soups, plus some dishes we know do not travel well.


  1. Can I order a take-away at the restaurants?
    Yes you can. The whole menu is also available at the restaurants, but we do not deliver. See www.tampopo.co.uk/locations for contact details to order.


  1. What names/brands does Tampopo have under Deliveroo?

We have the following brands:

  • Tampopo (This is our main restaurant menu)
  • East Street (Our kiosk menu – based at the Trafford Centre and Piccadilly Gardens).
  • Soi Vegan from Tampopo Corn Exchange (This is the Vegan Options of our main restaurant menu)

Under Editions Kitchen we have dedicated “Take-out” concepts that have shorter menus. Some of the dishes are similar to the main restaurant menus but are structured more like a take-out (e.g. you can order your rice separately).

We make these from a dedicated kitchen in Salford (near Ordsall Hall) and Deliveroo deliver to an approx. 3 mile radius from there). The concepts we currently have are:

  • Asian Fried Chicken by Tampopo
  • East Asian Curry Heaven by Tampopo
  • Soi Vegan by Tampopo
  • East Street by Tampopo


  1. What commission does Deliveroo take?

Deliveroo have to pay the drivers and the infrastructure to make delivery possible. For every £10 you pay for food from us we pay Deliveroo up to £3.80 in charges.

We pay a lot less than this if you order from the restaurants.
If you have the choice of buying from one of our restaurants or from Editions, please do buy from our restaurants!


  1. What do the App Ratings on Deliveroo mean?
    Deliveroo tell us that App ratings are really, really important. (Black Mirror is not the near future it is the here and now!)
    If you do order from us and your food is great please do rate us! If it is not what you expected please do get in touch with us directly!