We’ve been exploring East Asia, taking in the sights and smells of Bangkok’s street markets, experimenting with fresh ingredients in Thailand, and sampling the hawker stalls of Singapore for our new menu.

It’s full of street food style dishes to sip, dip and share , creating a more hands on experience for you.

Here are a few of our favourites…

Fresh Mini Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Fresh, crunchy vegetables, asian basil and rice vermicelli, all wrapped in rice paper and served with a satay sauce. The rolls are served on a bed of lettuce and mint leaves. But don’t just move them to the side (we know you were going to do it), the Tampopo take on this traditional dish is to wrap the rolls in the greens and dip the whole thing in the satay sauce. Trust us, it makes all the difference.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

We travelled around Vietnam and brought back a traditional spring roll recipe; fresh, light and aromantic. But after listening to our customers, we knew we had to break convention. So, we deep fried them. The results were everything we hoped for. And more. East meets west, in all the right ways. Add the lettuce layer at the end and you’ll see how well the different textures go together.

Japanese Sticky Wings

Our chef’s own creation. Chicken wings in a sweet soy and chilli glaze. The perfectly crisp skin is scattered with fresh chilli and spring onions.

Thai Mussels Tom Yam Style

The key to authentically recreating the flavours of thailand lies in the balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Thai Mussels Tom Yam style has got it all going on with its mix of Asian basil, coriander, chilli and fish sauce.

Like it with even more spice? Ask for some of our pickled chilli for a real kick.

Mini Singaporean Laksa Soup

Our Singaporean Laksa was already somewhat of a Tampopo legend, loved by customers and envied by other restaurants. But it’s a big, hearty bowl, so we created a smaller street food version with coconut, chilli, mint, cucumber, red onion and either prawn or chicken.

Malaysian Satay Chicken & Rice

Skewered chicken served with a spicy peanut dip and rice drizzled with a sweet soy sauce. A new dish that’s already earned its status as a classic.

Thai Salad

One of the most vibrant, intensely flavoured and colourful salads you’ll ever eat with fresh mint, peanuts, lime, chilli, sugar and fish sauce.

Vietnamese Chilli Lemongrass

From a country as green as Vietnam comes the most aromatic of dishes. In this light and fragrant dish, red peppers are joined by onions, chilli and lemongrass in an oyster sauce with either chicken or prawn.

Sesame Rice Balls

Balls of rice with a coconut cream centre, fried and rolled in sesame seeds. Served with a sweet soy and chilli dip. A really unique texture and taste experience.

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