Friends, regulars and fellow Northerners,

It is uncertain times at the moment for many of us and we wanted to let you know what we are doing here at Tampopo.

As a restaurant, hygiene standards are always of central importance to us. Nevertheless, we have introduced a number of additional measures over the last week, and we are going above and beyond all government recommendations.

Our team are fit and well, and we would like to assure you that we are doing everything to make sure that remains the case by upholding stringent hygiene procedures.

At the moment 6 out of 10 of you are eating with us and we are enormously grateful for the support from our all our regulars and locals. Restaurants are crazy businesses at the best of times though, and there is no doubt we and others will be hit hard. All we can ask is – please do support your local restaurants and your old favourites. Us, if you like us… but that applies to any local operators. All have teams who work their socks off producing great food and we hope to see them doing so long into the future!

In the meantime, if it’s us you’ll be visiting, we still have good stocks of hand sanitizer and toilet roll. The woks are lit, the wine cold, and we stand ready to provide kindness and a small escape from an uncertain world.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support. With best wishes and love, team Tampopo x