We know we’re a little biased, but the most exciting food in the world really does come from East Asia. Each country has developed its own unique flavours and characteristics, with influences from the land, sea, history and neighbouring countries.

So we’re going to take you on a taste tour, from Thailand to Vietnam and over the water to the islands of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

A country this green creates the boldest, most aromatic dishes, with handfuls of coriander, lemongrass and mint thrown into bowls of steaming Pho Soup. Vietnam shares its borders with Laos, Cambodia and China, which all influence the country’s cuisine and years of French colonisation has also brought a lightness and a touch of sophistication.

Where to start on our menu: Vietnamese Chilli Lemongrass

From the bustling markets of Bangkok comes a harmony of flavours. Thai food is all about balance, the heat from chillies, the saltiness from fish sauce, sourness from tamarind and limes and sweetness from palm sugar, all balanced to perfection.

Where to start on our menu: Thai Mussels Tom Yam Style

Rich, coconutty, spicy, sweet, a colourful mix of ingredients, to match the colourful mix of influences from China, India and Thailand. Eat like a local. Smell before you see. Take your time.

Where to start on our menu: Malaysian Satay Chicken & Rice

Trawl the hawker stalls of Singapore. Sip, dip and slurp Laksa Soup and Vermicelli Noodles. Here, people greet each other with sudah makan or, “have you eaten?” Here, food is a way of life. Think indian-hot curries and Chinese style noodles and stir frys.

Where to start on our menu: Mini Singaporean Laksa Soup

Known as a land of spices, Indonesian cuisine is intense, vibrant, and overflowing with ingredients straight from the earth, with lime leaves, chilli and cloves.

Where to start on our menu: Indonesian Noodles

Japanese food contains few spices. Its flavours come from the sea in the form of seaweed, kelp and dried fish flakes, from rice wines such as mirin and sake, and from products made from soya beans.

Where to start on our menu: Japanese Style Sticky Wings

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