We know Mother’s Day is meant to be all about, er, mothers, but we also think the usual presents – bunches of flowers and choccies are out-dated, predictable and honesty rather boring. Your mum most likely does too. So how about embracing adventure and excitement this Mothering Sunday and surprising your mum with the news that you’re off to discover East Asia; you want to soak up the sights and smells of Hanoi, kick back on a Thai beach and trek through Indonesian jungle in search of orangutan.
It’ll at least make the day memorable. And once she’s got over the initial shock, she’s bound to be thrilled for you …….. especially if you take her along for part of the ride!
Here’s how to gently let her know:

Turn up at dinner with your rucksack on your back

If that doesn’t raise eyebrows and start questions being asked, we suggest pulling out your Lonely Planet guide – Southeast Asia on a Shoestring, and thumbing through it.

Book a tea tasting experience for the two of you

The conversation could start with you casually sipping and saying: “Tea originated in China you know, where they have hundreds of different types. I’ve always wondered if it tastes any different over there.”

Pay the restaurant bill with Vietnamese Dong

Its colours and zeros should catch her eye, as well as the face of Ho Chi Minh – rather than our Queen – gazing up from the table. Or maybe the fact you’re actually paying will attract attention, allowing you to break the news.

Buy her a plane ticket

Surely the ultimate Mother’s Day gift: a ticket to join you – just for a couple of weeks mind. Whose mum wouldn’t like to go shopping in Hong Kong, take a boat cruise around Vietnam’s breathtaking Halong Bay, or be astounded by the beauty of Angkor Wat?

Treat her to lunch at Tampopo

Our dishes come from across East Asia, so what better place to come for a taste tour of where you’ll be headed. We’ve got broths, curries, stir-fries, noodles and street food classics that will transport you to the bustling markets of Bangkok, the hawker stalls of Singapore and the noodle vendors of Tokyo.

Because it’s Mother’s Day, all tables booked at Tampopo on Sunday 6 March will receive a free glass of fizz per person. Because we love mothers too!
For information about how to book, click here.