You always know the ‘day of love’ is approaching by a sudden abundance of cupids, heart-shaped chocolates, red roses and teddy bears everywhere you turn.

But do all things pretty and fluffy make your heart skip a beat? Or is it the thought of going out with your loved one for a fantastic pho, or melt-in-the-mouth Malaysian Satay Chicken, that gets you swooning?

It’s time to admit your perfect match is a dish packed with flavour and spices if:

Plates rather than people fill your Instagram and Facebook

Forget selfies. Forget friends and family. Your pages are dedicated to noodles you have known and loved. If you could friend request your favourites, you so would.

The office curry club is your baby

It makes the week a bit more bearable knowing that Friday lunchtime is curry o’clock. Now to launch wok-fried Wednesday and you’re sorted.

Your recipe book collection is seriously out of hand

No room for fiction on your shelves! You even bought Ainsley Harriott’s Meals in Minutes because of his stir-fried duck dish.

The hotter the better

Your friends are reaching for the milk to kill off the burning, while you’re only just getting started on the chilli oil. There’s always a Tiger or Beer Lao to cool the mouth, if needed.

Rustle-up a Thai curry from scratch? No problem!

Kaffir lime leaves: check. Green curry paste: check. Coconut milk: check. Now, which recipe book to follow?

If fantastic, flavoursome East Asian food is your true romance, come and have a love-in at Tampopo this Valentine’s Day. Book a table for 1 or more on February 14 and receive a complimentary glass of fizz on us per person.

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