Food blogger, Emily Atkinson, talks us through her first Tampopo taste experience, one that’s left her wanting to come back for more.



Walking down the steps into a noodle house I’d never tried before, I was unaware as to the deliciousness I was about to devour. Sitting on quirky stools in a great Friday night atmosphere, we ordered five dishes between three of us: three that were new on the menu and two main courses. Without realising, we managed to order five different types of Asian food in one night! Below is a list of what we indulged ourselves in, in order of preference:

1. Japanese style sticky wings – crispy fried chicken wings with a sweet soy and chilli glaze. (AH-MAZING). This new dish had us all licking our fingers and wanting more. A definite must-try.

2. Vietnamese spring rolls – deep-fried vegetables, rice vermicelli and Asian herbs. I was pleasantly surprised when they came out deep-fried, because I’ve only eaten the cold ones before! Super tasty.

3. Indonesian style fried-rice – lime leaves, chilli, cucumber, egg and crunchy onion flakes with succulent chicken. The lime leaves have a great flavour to them, which really makes the dish delicious. Just the
right amount of chilli makes this a great main course to share (it’s quite a lot of rice for one!).

4. Thai salad – with fresh mint, peanuts, chilli and lime with beef. This is quite a small dish but perfect as a starter. The Thai people really know how to make fresh, healthy salads.

Thai beef salad

5. Malaysian chicken satay and rice – with red onion, cucumber, rice and a peanut sauce. Just because this is last on my list does not mean it’s not yummy. The peanut sauce was chunky; the chicken was juicy (you get six satays), and there was a little sweet sauce on the rice. Perfect if you want a relatively light meal but still want to have a full tum.

Sufficiently full, we decide to skip desert, even though it was incredibly tempting. Coconut chocolate fondant, mango sticky rice and Vietnamese banana fritters are what caught my eye…. I’m definitely coming back for those!

Emily Atkinson

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