Treating yourself to a tasty Tampopo takeout has never been easier.
We’ve introduced WhatsApp at each of our restaurants, so there’s now just a few taps between you and a perfect night in curled up with a katsu, or working late with wok-fried greens and rice.
No fuss, no trauma. No long wait. Just fantastic fresh food that tastes as good slobbed out in your slippers, as it does sitting at one of our long benches.

20 % off

WhatsApp us your curry, or noodles, or pho, or anything else you fancy, and we’ll automatically knock 20 % off your bill, until the end of May.

Free to order

Once you’ve installed WhatsApp on your phone, messaging us your takeout won’t cost you a bean – unlike texting or calling up. Just ping us: the dishes you’d like; your name; what time you’re picking up – either a set time or ASAP. Our wok masters can normally have your food ready in under 10 minutes.

Feed me NOW

WhatsApp uses instant messaging, so there’s no fear of your order taking a detour into space on the way to reaching us! You ping it, we get it. We’ll even whizz you a note straight back to confirm we’ve received your order, and let you know how much you’ll need to pay.

Try it, you might like it

Because takeout costs less with WhatsApp, why not take the opportunity to enjoy something different from our menu? Instead of the tried and tested – and admittedly very tasty – Pad Thai, opt for a slice – or rather a slurp – of adventure with our Singapore Vermicelli Noodles. If you haven’t already, mix things up with a Thai Tamarind Duck or Vietnamese Chilli Lemongrass.

Ready to get tapping?

Find the WhatsApp numbers you need to know at