We’ve revved up the menu at Tampopo – with a little help from our diners – and are giving away free tasters until the end of April. Simply find one of the new or improved dishes, or drinks, that we’ve posted on social media, then like or share it to grab a free taster in any of our restaurants.

Introducing our fantastic improvements is Corn Exchange Head Chef, Darrell Caulfield, who talks curries, cook offs and crowd-pleasers.


Take a massaman curry, throw in some clever spicing, and give it a twist – melt-in-the-mouth buttery flatbread (roti) – and you’ve got an instance crowd-pleaser; our Thai Beef Massaman.

It’s just one of our new and improved dishes, as voted for by Tampopo customers. In a survey of more than 1,000, it was the overwhelming first choice to go on the menu. We’ve had loads of great comments already, people love it.

Developing new dishes is definitely the best part of being a head chef; it’s what gives me the greatest pleasure. It’s really interesting to play with different spices, and to try a few cooks offs before you find the finished product.

new menu1

With the massaman it was tricky to get the cumin and colour balance right at first. It started off a very dark green and brown colour. Although it tasted great, it didn’t look too appetising, so we knew we had to keep experimenting. Through trial and error, and playing around with the curry pastes, we eventually got it to a nice reddish brown, which is what it should be. After the fifth or sixth cook we then had a great curry, which we knew would work for us. We introduced the roti because it’s traditional street food, and goes brilliantly with curries. But it’s also something that’s a bit different, and is a really nice twist.


You can have roti as either a sweet or savory dish. We added cinnamon sugar – one of our Tampopo favourites – to the roti to make our Malaysian Pancake. They weren’t sweet enough at first, so we had to keep playing with the combinations. Once we brought in the condensed milk, we knew we were onto a winner. People go crazy about them and I’d say they taste very similar to a strudel.

The Rendang Roti Bites came about after the Corn Exchange launch party, where we made small versions of dishes for people to enjoy as canapés, including the rendang with roti. It went down really well, so we figured it could be a new way to serve it in the restaurant. Not everyone wants a full-size rendang, as it can be very filling. So this is a great way to have a smaller serving, plus it’s original – I haven’t seen it anywhere else!


For more mouth-watering dishes checkout our new menu. We think it’s our best yet.

Find one of the new or improved dishes, or drinks, that we’ve posted on social media, then like or share it to grab a free taster in any of our restaurants – until the end of April.